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Francis Huntrodds and his wife Mary, buried together in Whitby, died within five hours of one another on their 80th birthday - their joint 80th birthday. They were both born on September 19th 1600, and both died on September 19th 1680. And, for completeness, got married on September 19th too.

Huntrodds' Tomb

So September 19th should be Huntrodds' Day, a national celebration of chance and coincidence, says Cambridge University's Winton Professor of the Public Understanding of Risk, David Spiegelhalter.

Here you can read More about the Huntrodds, find out from David Spiegelhalter why we should celebrate Huntrodds' Day, and you can get some tips on how to throw a Huntrodds' Day Party, to celebrate in style.

For more on Huntrodds' Day, listen to Michael Blastland on BBC More or Less, or see the features in the Independent, Significance magazine and Understanding Uncertainty.